Scott Savory

Eating clean. Occasional cheat meals. Train as hard as you can. Make time to relax and enjoy life, because everyone deserves it.

scott savoryHello,

My name is Scott Savory and I’m currently in the Kinesiology program at San Jose State University (SJSU). I’m on track to graduate in spring ’16. Once I graduate, I will continue going to school and obtain my teaching credential. My goal in life is to become a physical education teacher where I can share my passion and insight on living a healthier life. I love working with children, so why not make an impact on the rest of their lives?

I played football for 8+ years including high school, some college, and semi-pro. After football was over (due to injuscott savory2ries) I knew it was a part of my life and made me who I had become. I wanted to give back to the sport by becoming a coach. I’ve been coaching at Cupertino High School in Cupertino, Ca. for the past four years. Being around the great coaches, staff, and athletes has reiterated how important physical activities are. Physical activities and fitness keeps kids out of trouble and allows them to be a part of something much more than just themselves. It provides them with knowledge, discipline, courage, and responsibility.

scott savory11After my football playing days were over, I was still eating the same (as if I was still playing) with absolutely no participation in physical activity. I began to gain weight rapidly, going from 200lbs to 235lbs within less than a year. I remember it being difficult to bend over to tie my shoes, being sweaty all of the time, and having lower back pains. Being only 5’9” and having all of that fat on me was draining. I knew something had to change. About two years ago I decided to change my diet completely, getting rid of the cheeseburgers and fries, and start eating clean. I gave up eating land animals completely (pescetarian) for a year and a half. I began going to the gym 6 days a week and 1-3x per day. Within the first 6 months I immediately dropped 25lbs. I knew this was more than a trend/fad, it was a lifestyle. To this day I don’t eat beef (but I do eat other meats). I am currently 183 lbs and striving to be a better person everyday. I want to be a role model for everyone, especially those who think they can’t…because when you put your mind to it, you most certainly can!!

If anyone needs advice on anything fitness related, I’m willing to help! Email me: