SFCW Sat. 10/4/14: #Brawlout

Before today’s workout, let me take a moment to….write some stuff about the DC Brawlers.

If you missed any of the awesomeness this week, here you go:

Brawlers Crowned First Grid Champions

In the league’s very first season, our home team, the DC Brawlers, fought their hardest fight yet this past Wednesday night to overcome the San Francisco Fire to win the league CHAMPIONSHIP! 

And Taylar Stallings, one of my favorite athletes ever, won the very well deserved honor of League MVP!

Taylar Stallings Named First Grid MVP

And the best part of all of this is that you are JUST in time to witness this Grid championship match happen. TONIGHT on NBC Sports at 10:30 EST, you can catch the entire match here! Even though Erik and I followed the Twitter feed Wednesday night…well, Erik followed the feed while I fell asleep on the couch  :/…we are stoked to watch this match go down. The weights that had to be moved to win this event were HEAVY and that is so damn inspiring to me! Join us in watching the NBC Broadcast!

And now, for your Saturday Strong Figure Conditioning Workout: 

This workout is inspired by the Championship Match–Race #1. Power cleans and dumbbell thrusters.

This is FOR TIME: Start a running clock. You’ll need either two kettlebells or two dumbbells of the same weight. If you have access to barbells, use an appropriate weight for this one–it will get heavy fast!

  • At 0:00, perform one power clean (with both dumbells or kettlebells) and then immediately perform a thruster.
  • At 1:00, perform two power cleans and two thursters
  • At 2:00, perform three power cleans and three thrusters
  • At 3:00, perform four power cleans and four thrusters…
  • Keep going until you run out of time/can’t finish your round.

Let us know in the comments below if you’re going to be watching the Grid match and your thoughts on the races!