About Steph K.

StephKAt heart, I am a yogi and recreational Crossfitter who loves mud obstacle races, racquetball, gymnastics and all things physical. Yep, that’s me Steph Kinzer. I very recently became a Crossfit coach (woo hoo!) while being coached daily by my two kiddos and juggling being a mom, wife, coach and athlete. Challenges strengthen me so I’m up for it – and I declare my life is pretty sweet right now.

I become alive through being active… I always have. Fitness has been my antidote to my StephK2(sometimes negative) over-thinking mind. Most of my life, I never looked or felt as fit as I wanted (Oxygen magazine model?) even though I was working out like crazy. Being fit became a decision for me when I declared I wanted it enough to make serious changes. Thus I cleaned out my house of sugar to make my diet work as hard for me as I was working out.

When I altered my diet, my fitness goals began to get big, red check marks next to them. As time went on, a new me began to unfold and I started to emerge as my new bold, fearless self. The continued drive to hit new fitness goals has caused a monumental shift in my life – from hiding behind shyness to stepping onto the podium, crushing old worn down boundaries. Comfort zones will be tested!

I am excited to share my stories of fitness, humility, growth, disaster and triumphs. Our journey together will weave in and out of weight loss, the road blocks of fitnessStephK1 fatigue, my roller coaster rides with nutrition, stress-management and hormonal wackery…As I exhale and let it all out; pain, sweat, fear, anticipation and glory.



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