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Q. How do I join your community?

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Q. How do I access your books?

A. Just click here: Gumroad.com/strongfigure. Everything we’ve published and everything we’re working on can be found here. Again, don’t forget to subscribe with your email above so that you don’t miss out on any of our products, pre-sales, discounted offers to subscribers, or super special subscriber perks!

Q. I signed up for the free programs but I did not receive them and/or I am not receiving emails.

A. Some email service providers (ESPs), such as gmail, yahoo, etc. incorrectly identify some email as spam. To ensure that you receive all of our emails, it is sometimes necessary that you add the strongfigure@gmail.com email addresses to your “white list” (this tells your ESP that we are approved senders and not spam). If you stopped receiving email from Strong Figure, this is the first and most critical step to take to ensure our email can be delivered to you.

What is a white list? A white list is a list of email addresses or domains that you want to receive emails from.  By adding an address or domain to your white list, you are telling the email system not to filter email from that address or domain.  Follow the appropriate instructions below for the email service provider you are using to add us to your white list and to ensure that you receive our emails.

Here is a hyperlink explaining how to white list an email using multiple ESPs — http://onlinegroups.net/blog/2014/02/25/how-to-whitelist-an-email-address/

Q. How do I submit a guest post for Strongfigure?

A. See this page: http://strongfigure.com/guest-post-guidelines/

Q. How do I become a Strongfigure Ambassador and what are the duties/perks?

A. Strongfigure Ambassadors are those who are leaders or are working to become leaders in the health and fitness industry. Many are just like me–running their own websites and blogs–building their brand and promoting their passions. Many are athletes doing what they love the most–being strong, fast, working hard, and promoting all that it means to be a strong figure–both with body and heart. If you want to inspire and motivate others, if you believe in our manifesto, and if you know you have what it takes to promote strength, courage, a healthy lifestyle, you can apply to be an ambassador at strongfigure.com/ambassadors.  Ambassador applications are currently closed. We anticipate reopening early 2017. 

What do you get? All the perks of course! You’ll get the opportunities to help promote our products–even make some extra $$ for affiliating with us. You’ll get discounts on anything we sell. You’ll get our logo to put on your website, and you’ll have special access to an amazing Facebook group of ambassadors where we share our information, our questions, our recipes, our dreams, and our successes. You can grow your social media presence, your website, and you help us do the same! More than anything, you’ll be part of a team–a growing team–taking a stand against disease and fighting for more reps, PRs, and a longer, happier, healthier life.

Q. What is “Team Strongfigure” and how do I apply?

A. Team Strongfigure (or #teamstrongfigure) is made up of elite Strong Figure Ambassadors who are paving their futures with medals, awards, top prizes, and total badass things that, well, not many of us can do. Are you performing amazing athletic feats? Apply to be an ambassador first and tag us in all that you do. You might get chosen and you may be asked to become a part of Team Strongfigure. If you accept, you get all the ambassador perks plus more freebies (and cash-making opportunities, including sponsorship) as these opportunities become available.

Q. How do I get your awesome Strongfigure apparel I see on Instagram and Facebook? 

A. We advertise new orders on Facebook and Instagram. Follow us so you don’t miss out!

Nutrition FAQs

How many calories should I be eating?

How much protein do I really need?

What kind of protein powder should I buy? 

How do I know how many carbs and fats I need?

What are “macros” and how do I count them?

How do you begin food prepping? 

More common nutrition Q&A.

Q. What’s a flexible diet?

A. Flexible Dieting is understanding exactly how many grams of carbs, proteins, and fats each person needs daily and then choosing proper foods that fit within these guidelines. Here’s an article with several links to other articles that will help you understand all you need to know. http://strongfigure.com/a-quick-guide-to-understanding-macronutrients/
If you want help figuring out your exact macronutrient profile, feel free to shoot us an email at strongfigure@gmail.com. We offer nutrition coaching and we would more than love to help point you in the right direction of what your appropriate macros should be!

Q. Will lifting weights make me bulky?

A. NO. You are not bulky. Muscle is healthy and healthy is sexy. Therefore, muscle is sexy. 

Q. I am lifting weights but I keep getting bigger. What is happening? 

A. This: Women: You’ll Get Bigger Before You Get Smaller

Q: I read your article but how long will it take ME to stop gaining and start losing? This is what I’m doing…..

A. We get this question every day. EVERY single person is different. We can’t tell you for sure. We can only give you data based on research, evaluation, and experience. I know there are many, but READ THE COMMENTS in THIS ARTICLE. We have answered every question on this topic imaginable.

Exercise FAQs

I’m still working on this category. In the meantime, leave me your exercise questions (or any questions) below so that I can answer them!

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