Lose Fat and an eBook Update

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People keep asking about the Total Health and Fitness Makeover eBook. The truth is it is about 95% finished. We have pretty much completed the content portion at least. So why haven't we released it yet? We wrote the Total Health and Fitness Makeover to help people transform … [Read more...]

Condition Yourself…and Relax


Many people in the fitness world are going to panic next week when Thanksgiving rolls around. I know, because I've been there. I have been the person who tried so very hard to eat healthy on Thanksgiving as to not destroy the hard work I had previously accomplished. I have been … [Read more...]

J-Lo’s “Booty” Distracted Me from My Workout!


I hope you have better luck with your two SFCW options for 11/6/14! Yesterday I "enlightened the minds of our youth" by teaching one my sort-of-famous bootcamp classes at Bridgewater College--a private college about 15 minutes south of where I live. I had a lot of fun--the class … [Read more...]

How to Burn off Halloween…

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in under an hour! I had a FANTASTIC Halloween weekend! And honestly, I didn't eat any candy at all...unless you count dessert at The Melting Pot as "candy." ;) This past weekend, Erik and I made our way up to DC for a meeting he had to attend on Thursday evening, and the … [Read more...]

SFCW: Weekend Fun!


So this weekend, your job is to workout harder than me. And then comment on this post with exactly what you did, how heavy you did it, and long it took you to do it! And while you're at it, I want to know your favorite post-workout treat too!  Why? I can't workout. I've got … [Read more...]