15.5: Accepting Your Flaws & Moving Forward


Guest post by contributor and ambassador, Tasha Parks For anyone keeping track, there have been thrusters in every final Open WOD for the past four years: 11.5 was thrusters and pullups 12.5 was thrusters and chest to bars 13.5 was thrusters and chest to bars 14.5 … [Read more...]

15.3: The Unicorn of Fitness


The CrossFit Games Open Chronicles Continued Guest post by Ambassador, Tasha Parks This time, Dave mentioned the last movement of 15.3 first: double-unders.  I rolled my eyes and was cussing myself for not being better at them by now. I was already disappointed with my score … [Read more...]

15.1: I Over-Underestimated My Snatch

Tasha 15.1

The Road to the CrossFit Games is officially upon us. Some of us have dreams of making it to Regionals, some to Carson California for the Games, but most of us? Most of us just want to get better, improve our skills, and have a few more PRs each and every year. If you've seen the … [Read more...]