Are You a Female Strength Athlete? Are You Judged and Disrespected for It?


Professional strongwoman, Tracy Stankavage, and strongman Coach, Quint Zambon, discuss the issues facing women in the world of strongman and strength training. This has been an article I have wanted to post for a myriad of reasons. But mostly to bring to light the difficulty … [Read more...]

SFCW Thu. 8/14/14


I realized last night as I was headed to bed that I didn't type up your conditioning workout yet for today! Sorry! Things have been....BUSY. It has been a long, tiresome week and I didn't even realize it was already Thursday. Erik started back to work this week and his schedule … [Read more...]

Holiday Calorie Burn-off Part II


On Wednesday I published some quick tips on how to recover from an all day food frenzy. One of those tips was to get up and MOVE. As promised, here are three total body workout circuits that you can do in your home or at your gym. Each circuit is patterned the same … [Read more...]