3 Workouts, Hydration Tips, & Awesome People I Adore

Myra, me, and Emily. Myra has been following my conditioning workouts for several months, and Emily has not only been a loyal bootcamp member, but she just started a strength training program I put together for her. Both Em and M (ha! that's cute!) are also AWESOME friends. :D

So many days I sit down to put together a conditioning workout for you and I am clueless with what else I want to say. Today? My list of ideas seems endless. We'll start with yesterday morning which will lead you into workout option 1.  When Myra, Emily and I got together … [Read more...]

SFCW Sat. 10/4/14: #Brawlout

The name of that chick who is crazy strong -- Taylar Stallings

Before today's workout, let me take a moment to....write some stuff about the DC Brawlers. If you missed any of the awesomeness this week, here you go: Brawlers Crowned First Grid Champions In the league's very first season, our home team, the DC Brawlers, fought their … [Read more...]