10 Facts about Strongman Training


"Lift Heavy Things Often" is what I learned this past Saturday when I attended the CrossFit Strongman Instructor Certification course hosted by CrossFit and Hybrid Athletics at CrossFit BWI in Maryland, VA. I had no idea that seven hours would change my life.  I am in … [Read more...]

The Magnus Voting Starts Now

The barbell hip thruster is one of the best ways to build glutes. The farmer carry is one of the best ways to build grip/trap/shoulder strength. Why make fun of one or the other?

4 Time World's Strongest Man, Magnus ver Magnusson, is the namesake for our next region: Magnus 1. Back Squat 2. Over Head Press 3. Snatch 4. Rowing (Concept 2) 5. Farmers Walk 6. Sit-ups 7. Lunge 8. Yoke Walk 9. Good Mornings 10. Toes to Bar 11. Sumo Deadlift … [Read more...]