The Surgeon General Wants You To Start Doing This Exercise

Erik walking in Africa

In case you haven't heard, the Surgeon General announced this past Wednesday for a national call to action to start walking! Appropriately, we already had this post scheduled. Forward by Steph :)  I can't begin to tell you how great walking is for your health. Just a few … [Read more...]

Gone Fishing: Eat Fish Lose Fat

gone fishing by leppre

Fish is Good For You Unless you live under a rock, you know eating fish is good for you.  I guess vegans will talk about mercury (if this concerns you, read here) but other than them, EVERYONE admits eating fish is healthy.  Seriously, how many foods can pretty much every … [Read more...]

HIIT: Fat Loss Workout

2012-10-20 11.37.31

HIIT Workouts (high intensity interval training) are one of the main keys to fat loss and preserving muscle while trying to lean out. HIIT is meant to be tough and the workouts are designed to leave you feeling exhausted, tanked, run over, you name it. If you push yourself … [Read more...]