5 Ways to Cheat and Survive It

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I’m not going to pretend I don’t love chocolate and wine. Or pizza and beer. It’s the reason I found myself needing to make diet changes in my early 20s. I just love food...all of it. I love super-healthy green kale smoothies with wheat grass and spirulina, and I love the … [Read more...]

Four Steps to a Simple Food Prep


Guest post by Dana Hamada Having a balanced diet that supports your fitness and lifestyle goals can be a challenge for those who are single, have limited funds, or are “not adventurous” when it comes to foods.  Being in a relationship and/or having kids can also present … [Read more...]

Learn to Food Prep Better–Your Ultimate Guide to Surviving the Holidays

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It's the most wonderful busiest time of the year. And raise your hand please if eating healthy OR your already healthy food prep takes a back seat to the craziness of the holidays?! On average, most people gain 1-2 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. A couple of … [Read more...]

3 Basic Rules of Food Prep

These zucchini pizzas not only made an awesome and quick dinner, but were great leftover snacks. One zucchini, some ground beef, cheese, and pizza sauce were all I used. Broil the zucchini about 5 or so minutes on each side with some olive oil while you cook the beef. Then throw all the toppings on the zucchini and bake again until the cheese melts.

1. Start Small So you want to start food prepping but you're not so sure where to begin? The thought of trying to prep breakfast, lunch, and dinner for an entire week, plus snacks, leave you feeling stressed out and anxious? I get it. The first time I ever food prepped, I … [Read more...]

Food Prep for Macro Counters


In my 12+ year quest for the ultimate nutrition plan, I realized... there is no set "ultimate" nutrition plan that works for everyone. Some people really enjoy ketogenic diets, some love Paleo nutrition, some advocate for the Zone block program, and some--like me--really … [Read more...]