CrossFit Confidence Course:

CF Confident

Your Guide to Starting CrossFit without Fear January boasts more fitness articles published over the web than any other month of the year...for obvious reasons. And since CrossFit is the fastest growing fitness empire, countless posts have been blasted all over any and every … [Read more...]

2016: Do it Afraid.

2016 afraid

In 2015, Erik and I attended Jeff Goins's TRIBE conference in Nashville for writers and bloggers. The conference was designed to help people like us--writers trying to make a living by writing professionally about what we love. The two-day event was jam-packed FULL of … [Read more...]

Accepting the Change to a Better Life


No one enjoys change. That's the toughest part of my job with strongfigure. Me, standing here on this little platform yelling out to the world, "If I can do it, you can too!" And trying to convince a world full of people that "change" really isn't that bad. That change can be … [Read more...]