Food Prep for Macro Counters


In my 12+ year quest for the ultimate nutrition plan, I realized... there is no set "ultimate" nutrition plan that works for everyone. Some people really enjoy ketogenic diets, some love Paleo nutrition, some advocate for the Zone block program, and some--like me--really … [Read more...]

Fun Food Finds at BIG LOTS!


I don't know about you guys, but the way I like to eat and HOW MUCH this lifting girl eats can get pretty costly. As a poor nursing student, I am always looking for ways to save and can prove that healthy and organic eating habits are financially manageable. I find fun organic … [Read more...]

Easter Candy that Won’t Stick to Your Ass

candy test

Easter candy doesn't just have to be a Macro Counter or Carb Back-Loader’s dream food; no matter what your diet plan or your goals, let’s just face it: we all crave a little sweet treat every now and then. Because I am more than excited to have a little Easter treat this … [Read more...]