15.5: Accepting Your Flaws & Moving Forward


Guest post by contributor and ambassador, Tasha Parks For anyone keeping track, there have been thrusters in every final Open WOD for the past four years: 11.5 was thrusters and pullups 12.5 was thrusters and chest to bars 13.5 was thrusters and chest to bars 14.5 … [Read more...]

Why Under-Eating is Making You Gain Weight


Recently, I have been reading more than you care to understand about nutrition. I know that I kind of do that anyway, I love food and how it works in our bodies. But I have recently switched my focus to macronutrient nutrition in the past couple of months and I am completely … [Read more...]

Mid-Week Workout

Ok...you're up...now walk!

Happy October!!!  In case you missed it, I put together a 30-day kettlebell and core conditioning program. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK IT OUT HERE! October is a fabulous time to give this a try! (Well, anytime is really...) ;) Also, if you somehow missed my Stuffed Pepper Crockpot … [Read more...]

Weekend Wrap-up & Tomorrow’s Workout

Group photo

This weekend was not a typical weekend for me! In fact, it was ten times better! I may have gotten zero laundry washed (it's in the washer now) and I might not have gotten a single ounce of food prepped (I still have some left overs), but I had a freaking blast. First up, … [Read more...]