34 Steps to Feeling FIT


Your workout tomorrow is inspired by my 34th birthday, today! Are you ready? Strong Figure Conditioning Workout for Tuesday 10/28/14: 3 Rounds 4 Time ;) of  34 Walking Lunges 34 Hollow Rocks Rest for 3-4 minutes, and THEN... Complete the following for … [Read more...]

How to do a Healthy Food Prep Under $50


Readers have been asking me for a long time to write about a few things regarding food: Meal Planning/Food Prep Healthy Eating on a Budget How to Food Plan on a Budget I'm pretty experienced with food prepping because I've been doing it now for about seven years. I … [Read more...]

No Grill “Grilled” Chicken

no girll chicken

I love coming up with new ways to spend even less time in the kitchen while maximizing deliciousness, which is why I'm such a promoter of Meal Prepping.  So no matter what your lifestyle, you can enjoy home cooked food without wasting your day away in the kitchen or being forced … [Read more...]