How Much Weight Should You REALLY Be Lifting?


Have you ever left the gym wondering if you worked hard enough? As in you lifted but you didn't break a sweat or really feel challenged, and maybe you even feel like you cheated yourself? Or what about the opposite? Have you ever left the gym thinking to yourself, "I need to … [Read more...]

Feel Young Again With Mobility


If you could go back, let's say ten years, and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be? Go easy on yourself. There are times to push and times to just remember breathing. ((Deep breath now)) Relish in the idea of your transformation before it happens. Start eating … [Read more...]

8 Lessons to Improve Athletic Performance and Health

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Mobility means being pain free with full range of motion in all joints in all directions first thing in the morning. Are you mobile? No fancy introductions are needed for this piece. Simply, I attended the very famous and highly sought after Mobility Wod Movement and Mobility … [Read more...]

I Want to Be A Part of It, New York, New York


Start Spreading the News... Because my job is freaking awesome, I got the opportunity to spend the weekend in New York City this past weekend. This was my very first experience in "The Big Apple," and OHMYGOSH did I have a blast!!! Now, even though my trip was work-related, … [Read more...]

10 Minutes to Healthy Shoulders


These two ten minute workouts will help stabilize your shoulders, increase your grip strength, and strengthen your core. If you sit in front of a computer for a living then you need to do these workouts. If you do CrossFit then you need to do these … [Read more...]