SFCW Thu. 8/28/14


So last night was phenomenal. I was on the floor of the GRID and worked as spotter with the media director of the NPGL. I'm not even sure if I can express how cool everything was, but I'm going to do my best in a future post, "Inside the Grid." So stay tuned for that..I'm working … [Read more...]

SCFW Tue. 7/8/14


It's your lucky day--the day of 8s! For time: 8 Rounds... 1 Wall Walk 2 Pistol Squats each leg (a one-legged squat--try holding on to something if you can't do these or sub regular squats) 3 Handstand Push-ups (or regular push-ups) 4 Lunges each leg 5 Burpees 6 … [Read more...]