What Kind of Protein Should I Buy?


Is one of the most popular questions I get asked daily. I'm going to make this post short and sweet: if you're reading it, you already know the importance of consuming enough protein daily. And if you're concerned about the best type of whey protein, then you're definitely … [Read more...]

STOP Feeling Sore!


Learn how to recover properly, heal your body, and continue training hard. Take it from me, if there's anything I know, it's about workout recovery. I know so much because for years...I didn't do it. Any of it. No cool downs, warm ups, prep work, rolling, icing, nada. I've seen … [Read more...]

May the Force Be With You

sups by Noodles and Beef

For the fourth installment of my Motivation Series I want to recommend using drugs -- pre-workout supplements. We all have had good days and bad days in the gym.  Have you ever wished there was a pre-workout supplement that could assure all of your workouts were awesome?  Well I … [Read more...]

My Fun, Superfit Weekend in Pictures

2013-09-29 14.57.46

I had a GREAT weekend--all starting off Thursday night with my early birthday present. (My birthday is actually in October so don't worry if you just panicked that you missed it.) ;) A night of FUN. Erik bought me tickets to see the band FUN. I LOVE this band almost as much as … [Read more...]

5 Motivational Tips to Eat Heatlhy

by Felipe Skroski

Erik has been writing this series on motivating people to get fit. I mean, that's what we're about here at Strong Figure--getting Strong. If you've missed any of them, find tip 1 HERE and tip 2 HERE. But we're also known for eating well too--or at least trying to as much as … [Read more...]