Why CrossFit isn’t Scary


Are you one of those people who ask me (or other CrossFitters) a hundred questions about CrossFit because you seem to be fascinated by it but you're too terrified to try it? I know I've written about it before but I just got into yet another conversation around a week ago … [Read more...]

Erik is Always Right: Nina’s Big Fat Surprise

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This is my least favorite household phrase that gets uttered much too often: Erik is always right. Do you have a special person in your life who thinks he/she is always right? And doesn't it just really irk you when that person actually turns out to be right?! (Like, all the … [Read more...]

Catch Some Air in Your Weekend SFCW!


I'm so excited for this weekend. Reebok (Reebok Women) sent me a pair of their Cardio Ultra shoes (#cardioultra) that have not even been released to the public yet. Tomorrow I am going to start testing out these bad boys...or bad girls I should probably say...along with some … [Read more...]

J-Lo’s “Booty” Distracted Me from My Workout!


I hope you have better luck with your two SFCW options for 11/6/14! Yesterday I "enlightened the minds of our youth" by teaching one my sort-of-famous bootcamp classes at Bridgewater College--a private college about 15 minutes south of where I live. I had a lot of fun--the class … [Read more...]

34 Steps to Feeling FIT


Your workout tomorrow is inspired by my 34th birthday, today! Are you ready? Strong Figure Conditioning Workout for Tuesday 10/28/14: 3 Rounds 4 Time ;) of  34 Walking Lunges 34 Hollow Rocks Rest for 3-4 minutes, and THEN... Complete the following for … [Read more...]