How Eating the Right Foods at the Right Time Promotes Fat Loss

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How eating the right foods at the right time will promote fat loss, muscle gain, and better workout recovery Last week I wrote about eating fat to lose fat and the article was a hit. So this week, I'm expanding on the concept. If you missed last week's post, make sure you either … [Read more...]

What You Should REALLY Be Eating After Your Workout


I'm only several years behind the phenomenon of Pinterest, but as much as I refused to get sucked in and addicted....well, it finally happened. You should probably follow my boards--when it comes to all things healthy, I've got about 14 different boards ranging from Salads that … [Read more...]

Exercise and Nutrition Tips…guaranteed to work!

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In the tradition of Keeping It Super Simple ...people always ask me for exercise and nutrition tips, and I thought I'd give you a quick write up on the most commonly asked questions. Carbs: The only time you can get away with eating carbs without your body holding on to … [Read more...]