Why Under-Eating is Making You Gain Weight


Recently, I have been reading more than you care to understand about nutrition. I know that I kind of do that anyway, I love food and how it works in our bodies. But I have recently switched my focus to macronutrient nutrition in the past couple of months and I am completely … [Read more...]

SFCW Sat. 8/30/14


So I heard it through the grapevine that my most recent post, 18 Reasons to Love or Hate CrossFit, offended or upset a few people. Technically, this is a good sign. My writing is being read, taken seriously, and is effective. As someone who aspires to be a full-time … [Read more...]

SFCW Tue. 8/26/14 and a Match You MUST Watch!


This is such an exciting day for me! Well, for a lot of people, honestly. Today (Tuesday 8/26) is the very first home match for the DC Brawlers!  If you've not yet looked into GRID racing, you MUST! It's a lot of the movements we do every day in the gym...and a lot that we … [Read more...]

SFCW Thu. 8/21/14

200 snatch 1

This morning I took the challenge of 200 kettlebell snatches at 35 pounds. It took me 10 minutes and 27 seconds. I now have a ripped right palm and a boost in confidence. ;) Don't you just love how a good conditioning workout can make you feel?! Your Strong Figure Conditioning … [Read more...]

SFCW Sat. 8/16/14


So as you're reading this, I'll probably be traveling with Erik to go see his family. Remember in the last conditioning post where I said it's been a long week? Well, it has definitely been a tough week as well. Erik's uncle passed away suddenly and we're driving up for the … [Read more...]