A Special 9/11 Workout & Tips to Kick Sugar’s Ass


Thursday's workout is in honor of those who died on September 11, 2001. I was 21 at the time and remember every moment of the day like it was yesterday. My last few years as a teacher, my students had no emotional connection to the day and that was really weird for me. I'll never … [Read more...]

SFCW Thu. 4/15/14

step up

5 Rounds for Time: 20 Weighted Step-Ups (10/leg, as heavy as possible, as high as possible) 30 Heavy Kettlebell Swings (Russian or American swings) For these conditioning workouts, "As heavy as possible" means as heavy as you can WHILE keeping good form, WITHOUT stopping … [Read more...]

SFCW Thu. 4/17/14


Legs, legs and LEGS!  For 10 minutes, as many rounds as you can: 60 squats (goblet or air) 40 overhead walking lunges (same weight) 20 weighted step-ups (same weight) Use a weight that you know you can complete the step-ups with. You don't want to have to rest more … [Read more...]