The Importance of Grip Strength


Part 1: STEPH My husband once laughed at me while I was trying to open a jar of jalapenos. "Functional fitness, huh? For someone so strong, it's hard to believe that you can't open a jar." My grip strength sucks, and I hate to admit it, but I've had little desire to … [Read more...]

Happy 2015: The Year of Pride, Time, & Focus

Christmas Wedding

Happy New Year Strong Figure Community! How was your holiday, strong figures? Did you eat a lot of yummy foods? Celebrate with loved ones? Get a lot of presents or go anywhere special? (I'm pretty sure I did ALL of the above.)  I have not written a blog post since the beginning … [Read more...]

Behind the Scenes: Inside the Grid


Two weeks ago, I volunteered my time to the new professional sports league, Grid. I signed up to help work with my home team, my favorite team, the DC Brawlers. I already had both a reporter and photographer going to the event to represent Strong Figure's media team, so I … [Read more...]

The Road to the CrossFit Games…


Begins with "The Open." Co-written with Athlete Ambassador, Tori Ruckman. (In italics)  My first experience with the CrossFit Games was last year's 2013 Open. I thought it was a learning experience: I hit PRs, discovered weaknesses, took my first ice bath, cried a lot, … [Read more...]