Why Under-Eating is Making You Gain Weight


Recently, I have been reading more than you care to understand about nutrition. I know that I kind of do that anyway, I love food and how it works in our bodies. But I have recently switched my focus to macronutrient nutrition in the past couple of months and I am completely … [Read more...]

SFCW Sat. 8/2/14 and Atlas Stones

Steph playing with a 75lb Atlas stone

Is anyone local interested in a 75# Atlas Stone? Here, we're doing Tabata Stone Cleans. I used a 75# stone and I was able to get the stone to my shoulder about 5-6 times each round of 20 seconds. I've never felt so badass. Since my strongman training, I bought the mold to make … [Read more...]

Tabata Arms, Abs, and Cardio Kettlebells…

Strong Figure Steph

that can be done at home or in the gym. I've taught kettlebell classes for probably three years now, and every class I've taught, I've tried to come up with a challenging, yet doable, plan for the hardcore participants who never fail to miss a single workout with me.  Many of my … [Read more...]

What is Tabata?

by stroopsmma

And what do I do with it? Tabata exercises are an EXCELLENT interval training tool designed to get your heart rate up and then back down (hence intervals) in a quick amount of time. Intervals work to burn fat faster, and the Tabata method is one of the quickest and most … [Read more...]