How Much Weight Should You REALLY Be Lifting?


Have you ever left the gym wondering if you worked hard enough? As in you lifted but you didn't break a sweat or really feel challenged, and maybe you even feel like you cheated yourself? Or what about the opposite? Have you ever left the gym thinking to yourself, "I need to … [Read more...]

How to Become the BEST Version of Yourself


Guest post by Dana Hamada Balancing Fitness and Adulthood: Not an Easy Task.  Recently, we (the Strongfigure Insider's Group) discussed on Facebook, "If you could travel back in time and give yourself training advice, what would that advice be?" To paraphrase, my advice would … [Read more...]

STOP Feeling Sore!


Learn how to recover properly, heal your body, and continue training hard. Take it from me, if there's anything I know, it's about workout recovery. I know so much because for years...I didn't do it. Any of it. No cool downs, warm ups, prep work, rolling, icing, nada. I've seen … [Read more...]