A Surprising Elite Food That You Should Be Eating (plus recipe)


I spent a few hours yesterday going through the nutrition programs of elite athletes who compete in the CrossFit Games. And every single program, despite being created by different nutrition coaches, had only one non-protein food that was on every single plan. It wasn't sweet … [Read more...]

5 Easy Tips for a Better Life


Simple Strategies to Start Now Becoming fit, feeling healthier, working on your wellness...it can be overwhelming no matter what approach you take towards increasing your health. We all know that making a change can feel overwhelming--especially with the abundance of information … [Read more...]

12 Weeks to Lean and Mean


Exercising is something that’s been on my mind a lot lately. With a new baby in our lives, the postpartum anxiety hormones that came with childbirth (not to mention recovering from the childbirth injuries), and a fussy baby who has a consistent nap schedule and must be in bed by … [Read more...]

Your Post-Thanksgiving Day Workout

ash mt climber

This is going to be so much fun! Try to remember what you ate for your Thanksgiving meal and calculate a decent estimate of the following. Turkey/ham/chicken/beef/fish: for every ounce over 6 ounces: 1 push-up per ounce Anything that contained a "potato" of any kind: 20 … [Read more...]

Help Wanted: How to Eat More Veggies? Plus, SCFW 10/18/14

The overhead squat. I LOVE these and always get excited to see them in a workout!

Have you been here before? Last night I was talking with a person who wants to lose weight but really has a hard time cutting out his favorite carbs: bread, pasta, and his all-time favorite, potatoes. He really loves to eat eggs, bacon, and home fries in the morning. He … [Read more...]