Your Post-Thanksgiving Day Workout

ash mt climber

This is going to be so much fun! Try to remember what you ate for your Thanksgiving meal and calculate a decent estimate of the following. Turkey/ham/chicken/beef/fish: for every ounce over 6 ounces: 1 push-up per ounce Anything that contained a "potato" of any kind: 20 … [Read more...]

Help Wanted: How to Eat More Veggies? Plus, SCFW 10/18/14

The overhead squat. I LOVE these and always get excited to see them in a workout!

Have you been here before? Last night I was talking with a person who wants to lose weight but really has a hard time cutting out his favorite carbs: bread, pasta, and his all-time favorite, potatoes. He really loves to eat eggs, bacon, and home fries in the morning. He … [Read more...]

Chicken Teriyaki Stir Fry


It seems as if every single social media platform is bombarding us with ways to eat healthy, be fit and feel good in the New Year.  Well, I'm all about those three things, EVERY SINGLE DAY of the year, whether it's January 1st or December 23rd, my mentality on being healthy … [Read more...]

Feeding Healthy Happy Kids on a Budget

bacon cinnamon

Why I'm suddenly the "crazy" one. "Ooh, what's that?!" They ask me. "That smells amazing! Is it Mexican?" Sort-of, I reply. "Cauliflower? That's my favorite vegetable!" She exclaims with a squeal. "I'm going to ask my mom to make that for me!" The New Kids on my … [Read more...]

Your Guide to Grocery Shopping

steak and veggies

Many of my friends ask me...and in fact, I was asked twice just last week...what to buy at the grocery store. Everyone seems to have a tip on "how to eat," but no one ever teaches "how to shop." Even my mom gets frustrated and repeatedly tells me, "I know I need to eat healthy, … [Read more...]