About Tasha

A note from Steph: I met Tasha at our CrossFit L1 training course in Charlotte NC., in 2013. She is not only a great friend of mine, but she is an inspiring athlete and ambassador, and one of the wittiest people I have come to know. I have begged Tasha for her Strong Figure bio for over a year now. She is an AMAZING writer and I LOVE when she guest posts for us. But she hates writing about herself! She finally did it…she answered my request to fulfill the 5Ws and H of “Who Is Tasha?” 

TashaParksMeet Tasha

“Tell me to write about myself like this and I freeze up. I have no clue what to say. Because I have NO clue what to write about myself without coming off as bragging d*!%  or a rambling crazy woman, I’ll answer the WWWH&H.”

Who: Tasha Parks

tashaWhat: In the famous words of Kill Cliff, I am a semi-pro exerciser that dabbles in CrossFit. I work and go to school fulltime. I love VWs, my chocolate lab, travel, and flying (a long, long time ago in a land far, far away I was a flight attendant).

When: I started CrossFit December 2013.

Where: I’m from VA and I’ve lived in eight states. I’m currently in KY and go to CrossFit Elizabethtown.

How: How do I like to stay fit? If you had asked me three years ago I would answer with “Run my ass off, but it isn’t really working.” I had a love/hate relationship with running, mostly hate. I ran all the time and wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. Then my trainer introduced me to CrossFit. Suddenly I felt better about myself and started to like what I saw in the mirror. My lifts increased, my times got faster, and I felt better. I’m not where I want to be, but I’m making improvements a little at at time, and I can’t imagine not having CrossFit in my life. It’s my therapy, my fitness, and my social hour. I have met incredible friends there, I can shake off stress that life hands me, and work on becoming a better me (inside and out). TashaP

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